What We Do

It’s simple. We make your life easier. StreamVu frees you from the complicated aspects of broadcasting live video so you can concentrate on content rather than how you’re streaming. Let go of the worries that accompany streaming events: “how can we know our broadcast will look good for everyone?”; “what if we have more viewers than we thought?”; “will we know how many people watched?”; “what about people who want to watch from their phones or tablets?”; “will we be able to afford this?”; “what if I need help?”

Relax. We’re here to help. StreamVu specializes in transporting video content over the Internet. We deliver the quality and reliability necessary for streaming success, while providing ease-of-use for the novice and the professional alike. From any Internet-connected location to another, no matter how many viewers you have.

Go Social

Use StreamVu’s Limited Direct link to quickly “Go Live” without embedding video on a web page. Email, Tweet, or post the link on Facebook and it simply opens up in a browser tab. Quick. Easy. Effective.

Social Media is the number one way to connect to your audience, and StreamVu has made the process simple. Utilize StreamVu’s direct view link, and watch your broadcast go viral.

Manage Your Content

Shape and protect your brand identity with flexible publishing controls. Broadcast on your website, or syndicate your broadcast by placing it on multiple sites. StreamVu’s anywhere delivery was built for today’s viewer.

Mobile content reaches more consumers than ever before, so we built the StreamVu platform to deliver any where — to smartphones, tablets, and computers.

Customer Support

Your success is our success. And though StreamVu is simple and easy to use, there are times when you need a little help. Big or small, we don’t limit our level of support by the size of customer, so you have 24/7 access to voice support by our US-based professionals.