Services - StreamVu

StreamVu is our core service. StreamVu is the most dynamic Value Added CDN on the market today. With ease of use technology designed to meet the needs of beginners and broadcast professionals alike the StreamVu service delivers high quality video at scalable, cost effective pricing. Key features of the StreamVu service:

  • Live Broadcast Channels (unlimited channels)
  • Social Media- Integrate Social Media to drive your audience

How It Works

StreamVu allows you to broadcast live content to a single viewer, or tens of thousands of viewers. With StreamVu; there’s no need for a separate CDN service, IT person, website. Users utilize the StreamVu distribution web portal to create, manage, and connect live content.

Broadcast Live Events

  • Embed the live stream on one (or multiple) existing sites, Facebook or distribute links via email.
  • Choose between professional broadcast HD and standard definition.

Encoder Options: The StreamVu service supports multiple encoder solutions both hardware and software, click here to see the current listing. Each encoder offers unique feature sets that may be best suited for your needs; please contact a StreamVu Dealer to discuss your specific needs. Or submit questions to

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