Pricing - StreamVu

Limited Direct

If your productions are intended to provide live broadcasts with no fee to your viewers, our low cost Limited Direct service can embed the live stream on your existing website! Our service has no commercials or annoying branding. It’s your channel to do with as you please and you only pay for actual data transmitted to individual viewers.

Limited Direct / The not so basic, basic plan

  • $25.00 Monthly Network Fee plus $0.50 per GB for data transfer
  • Limited Direct Program Cost Calculator
  • Each channel can broadcast 24/7. The Producer is only charged data transferred for viewing
  • All Broadcast have no Advertising or Branding
  • Since the Producer controls the channel, they can add advertising if it is included in their program content
  • All Broadcasts are "live"(real time) and originate from a registered Producer Station
  • Each Producer Station Channel generates an Embeddable code for placement of video player on Producer’s website
  • Each Producer Station Channel generates a URL that can be emailed to invited viewers

Limited Direct Services Program Data Consumption and Cost Per Viewer

Stream in Kilobits / sec Data Use Megabit / Min Program Length in Minutes Gigabyte Consumed Per Live Program Cost per viewer
500 30.00 60 0.2250 $0.11
750 45.00 60 0.3375 $0.17
1,000 60.00 60 0.4500 $0.23
1,500 90.00 60 0.6750 $0.34
2,000 120.00 60 0.9000 $0.45