Pricing - Flat Rate - Gold

No Limits No Risk

The StreamVu Flat Rate Gold service plan is perfect for anyone who needs a fixed monthly cost with out sacrificing quality video, viewer access or functionality. Our Gold Flat Rate plan is priced for customers who expect 1000 viewer hours or less per month. Don’t worry, if you go over your expected usage we do not freeze your account or throttle back your video quality. In fact, we don’t even charge you for any overages. With Flat Rate plans your price is locked in for 6-months. After your initial 6-months we take your actual monthly average and use your upfront base rate to establish your new monthly rate. Of course if it makes more sense, you can simply move up to the Flat Rate plan that best fits your usage.

Professional Broadcasting.

  • $250.00 Monthly Fee for your first 6-months.
  • Flat Rate Services Usage Calculator
  • All Broadcast have no Advertising or Branding
  • Since the Producer controls the channel, they can add advertising if it is included in their program content
  • All Broadcasts are “live”(real time) and originate from a registered Producer Station
  • Each Producer Station Channel generates an Embeddable code for placement of video player on Producer’s website
  • Each Producer Station Channel generates a URL that can be emailed to invited viewers
  • Live Broadcast Channels