Pricing - StreamVu

Direct Pro

Subscription Revenue Using Direct Pro for Live Programs

Do your needs call for a 24/7 Channel to provide a constant stream of content? StreamVu Direct Pro gives you the tools to easily build your own 24/7 broadcasting channels at an affordable price. Just name and describe your channel, then provide your programming using a Producer Station.

Professional Broadcasting.

  • $60.00 Monthly Network Fee plus $0.75 per GB for data transfer.
  • Direct Program Cost Calculator
  • Each channel can broadcast 24/7. The Producer is only charged data transferred for viewing
  • All Broadcast have no Advertising or Branding
  • Since the Producer controls the channel, they can add advertising if it is included in their program content
  • All Broadcasts are “live”(real time) and originate from a registered Producer Station
  • Each Producer Station Channel generates an Embeddable code for placement of video player on Producer’s website
  • Each Producer Station Channel generates a URL that can be emailed to invited viewers

Direct Pro Services Program Data Consumption and Cost Per Viewer

Stream in Kilobits / sec Data Use Megabit / Min Program Length in Minutes Gigabyte Consumed Per Live Program Cost per viewer
500 30.00 60 0.2250 $0.17
750 45.00 60 0.3375 $0.25
1,000 60.00 60 0.4500 $0.34
1,500 90.00 60 0.6750 $0.51
2,000 120.00 60 0.9000 $0.68