Pricing - Streaming Cost Calculator

It’s All About the Bits

Data Transfer Calculation formula: There are three variables; desired data rate, program length and number of viewers.

For a 10-minute program with 100 viewers at 1000Kb/s the calculation is:

  • 1000 Kilobits per second divides by 8 into 0.125 Megabyte second
  • 0.125 Megabyte per second multiplied by 60 seconds equals 7.5 Megabyte per minute
  • 7.5 Megabyte per minute multiplied by 10 minutes equals 75 Megabyte per viewer
  • 75 Megabyte per viewer times 100 viewers equals 7,500 Megabyte for the program
  • 7,500 Megabyte divides by 1000 to equal 7.5 Gigabytes of data transfer for the program
  • Multiply data transfer by service package rate (i.e. $0.50/Gigabyte for Limited Direct)

Your program will cost $3.75 ((Data rate/8)x seconds)) x (Program Length x Viewers)) / 1000 = Data Transfer